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Hi, I’m Nzangi Muimi from QuantBuild Academy. I am on a mission to help students, educators, professionals + builders to make the best use of their BIM software. My tutorials cover ArchiCAD Design, SketchUp Modelling, Excel Estimating, Bluebeam Quantity Take-offs + Project Scheduling & Monitoring. I share the practices that I have built overtime, for free on my YouTube Channel.

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Leverage on your BIM software to create a better built environment. Take advantage of my free tutorials on YouTube to advance your career.

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The tutorials and lessons are step by step. Every process is explained and demonstrated visually in a systematic way without skipping any detail.

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The blog section features up-to-date construction industry knowledge + trends specially curated to help you stay in the know.

Featured BIM Resource

MSBIM ArchiCAD Professional Template

  • Improve your ArchiCAD workflow with this robust template packed with cost estimating tools and sample projects.

  • Create reports for all components with ready schedules that extract data from your model.

  • Use Presets views for Elevations, Sections, Plans and details to extract high-quality drawings.

  • Put cost on your design as you model and by the time you finish the design cost estimations are ready.

  • Create a stunning presentation with built-in presets of graphic overrides combinations.


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