As a BIM authoring software, ArchiCAD helps you create intelligent 3D digital models representing a structure of facility to be built. Besides 2D and 3D data, BIM software allows you to input non-graphical information such as lists, schedules and object metadata into your model.

ArchiCAD has that functionality. However, as a designer, you want to focus all your efforts on designing a structure that meets the needs of your clients. You want to free time that could be used to customize these technical aspects of the software to use it in other value-adding tasks for your project.

That’s why templates and presets are helpful. There are firms specializing in developing products to be used together with ArchiCAD to make your design life easier.

In this article, I will introduce you to a list of 5 products that I think will be a game-changer for you. These are products that will help you learn new tips and tricks to boost your productivity. Others will help you automate some tasks to save time and impress your clients while winning more business.

Let’s dive!

1.      Efficiency ArchiCAD Key Features eBook

Efficiency - ArchiCAD Key Features eBook

This is a 123-page eBook. It breaks down ArchiCAD as a BIM tool.

The eBook is a very useful learning companion; with step-by-step text tutorials and demonstrations. It allows you to learn at your own pace without being interrupted by video ads.

The best thing about it is that it is always being updated and revised. If you choose to get it, you will be eligible to get free future editions every time an update is published.

2.      Contemporary Presentation Title Blocks

Presentation Title Blocks

Good presentation is an important recipe for client satisfaction. Also, it is a way for you to showcase your brand to your clients and leave a permanent impression.

This product offers 20 different designs of contemporary presentation title blocks. It will help you to organize your drawings cleanly. Instead of building a title block from scratch, you can just grab these and customize them with your logo and company information to get going.

It will save you time.

3.      ArchiCAD Virtual Library

ArchiCAD Virtual Library

This is a robust collection of ArchiCAD object libraries. Objects are digital representations of the geometrical properties of physical products together with their non-graphical information. For example, a table can be represented as an object in ArchiCAD. The object will contain other data such as the manufacturer, material components, among others.

The ArchiCAD Virtual Library was created in line with the CSI Uniformat classifications. These are standards that are currently being used to guide how to represent and classify BIM data.

4.      MEP Professional Template

MEP PRO Template

This template is designed for ArchiCAD users modelling mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects. It contains high-quality MEP components and project documentation presets.

The product offers a 3D virtual library of custom modelled MEP objects, well-organized schedules for cost estimation and quantification, and visually compelling presentation presets that you can readily use to speed up your MEP design production in ArchiCAD.

5.      ArchiCAD Professional Template + Cost Estimating Pack

ArchiCAD Professional Template + Cost Estimating Pack

This product is the ultimate game-changer. It has presentation presets for building elevations, sections and details, a collection of 3D BIM objects created following the CSI Uniformat classifications, and in-built reporting schedules for exporting quantity data from the models.

If you are interested in creating high-quality architectural drawings, this is a good pick for you.

In addition to that, it allows you to link a 3D digital ArchiCAD model to an excel bill of quantities template. By capitalizing on ArchiCAD BIM metadata, you can automatically extract building quantities from the model with just a click of a refresh button.

However, you will still need the input of a professional quantity surveyor to advise you on the accuracy of the extracted quantities.

The good news is that all the other products described above are packed together with this template. If you choose to purchase it, you will get the top 5 ArchiCAD BIM products I recommend in one package.

Are you interested in checking them out?